The Queen of England Doesn’t Take Her Christmas Decorations Down Till February

In case you’re feeling guilty that your neighbors are already throwing their Christmas tree on the curb or stripping the lights off the sides of their house, don’t fret: The royals actually surround themselves with leftover Christmas cheer until the second week of February. Every year, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip stay at Sandringham, the royal family’s 20,000-acre country estate where they celebrate the holiday, after the rest of the family leaves to honor the Queen’s father, King George VI, who died at the estate on February 6, 1952. They keep all of the holiday decorations up until that date while they remain at the 148-year-old house as well.

It’s only approximately five months or so after the couple leaves Sandringham that Queen Elizabeth begins thinking about the holidays once again: Due to the fact she sends over 800 Christmas cards, she begins filling them out in the summer. It may not be Christmas all year round for the Queen—but it’s certainly not far behind.


Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip gaze at a Christmas tree

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