Kris Jenner’s Over-the-Top Christmas Decorations Are Rainbow-Themed This Year

Kim Kardashian West knows that her mom puts the Kris in Krismas. On Thursday night, the reality star stopped by Kris Jenner‘s home to spread a little holiday cheer to her Snapchat followers by taking them on a tour of her momager’s fully decked-out house and, in the process, proving that Jenner is a true Kris Kringle.

In the first video, Kardashian West walks up to Jenner’s front door via a pathway lined with rainbow lights, palm trees dripping with strands of yellow lights, and a fleet of towering nutcrackers. “My favorite thing to do is drive around the town and show my kids all the Christmas tree lights,” Kardashian West said in the video. “They haven’t seen my mom’s house decorated yet. She did a rainbow theme.” Inside the massive home, Kardashian West gasps in surprise and asks her kids if the two life-size animatronic reindeer standing guard by the fireplace are real. North and Saint inform their mom that the deer are, in fact, fake, with a voice sounding like it could be Saint’s telling her that the deer can’t be real because they’re not walking. Fair point.

Kardashian West moves on to Jenner’s foyer—you probably recognize its black and white tiled floor from countless other Kardashian-Jenner snapshots—where the huge one-of-a-kind red glass and metal bear that she ordered last year and said was her favorite Christmas decoration sits among several rainbow-lit Christmas trees. The rainbow lights are also draped along the banisters of the huge double staircase. “So she did it differently this year: She used to do a huge tree, but now she’s just doing four smaller trees, all in rainbow,” Kardashian West says, before declaring the whole set-up “really classic and pretty.”

Jenner’s 2017 technicolor decor is markedly different from the classic red and green theme she used last year. In 2016, Jenner covered her entryway and foyer in lush greenery, and decorated her five massive Christmas trees in huge red patterned baubles. She filled her kitchen with huge clusters of red roses, and the dining room was set with red plaid placemats and napkins, with even more red roses filling vases and bowls along the table and dripping from the antler chandelier.]

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