Here’s How the Glam Room Became a Celebrity Must-Have in 2017

Even if you’re not getting frequent house calls from your hair and makeup artists, a glam room is a cozy place to work on your look before you take on the day. With the Kardashians skyrocketing the term into everyday lingo, having a solo space to get ready is becoming increasingly popular for self-care, and this has never been more true than it was in 2017 thanks to celebrities sharing their glamorous get-ready spots.

Designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard was essential in getting the Kardashians’ glam rooms camera-ready. He gave Khloe a room with mirrored walls to see all of her angles and a bulb-lined mirror for perfect lighting atop her counter space. The crystal chandelier is the piece de resistance, truly earning the space the title of “glam room.” Kourtney also utilizes mirrored walls in her own glam room, but gives her look the finishing touches in her spacious dressing room. Their youngest sister Kylie Jenner, another pioneer of the slang term “glam room” on social media, took a funkier route, dressing up her walls with George Venson’s multicolored lip wallpaper, $20,000 worth of Barbie prints, and a $10,000 neon “Plastic” sign by Beau Dunn. And perhaps Mariah Carey is the original trailblazer of the glam room movement without even knowing it: The singer takes an all-in-one approach, with her closet resembling more of a suitethan the standard wardrobe. She has rows upon rows of hanging clothing combined with a spacious multimirrored area to assess her final look. A separate area houses shoes and accessories, and yet another space is designated for lingerie. Her brightly lit glam room features plenty of counter space and a hair-washing sink. Throughout the closet she has tufted silk sofas, decorative sconces, and fresh flowers.

This is just a taste of the pampering spaces that have inspired the rise of the glam room. Check out the beautifying boudoirs of celebs like Jessica Simpson, Salma Hayek, and Madonna.

Khloe Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian

Kylie Jenner

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