The 10 Best Designed Basketball Courts in the World

Basketball courts do not need to be spectacular in design to accomplish their purpose. In fact, they require only to be ninety-four feet by fifty feet while containing two hoops on the far side of each other. But that hasn’t stopped people the world over from designing some beautiful basketball courts. Whether they are built along a floating boat, like the one near Siem Reap, Cambodia, or painted in bold colors, as they are in Paris’s 9th arrondissement, these courts will even attract those who don’t love the sport. Now that you know about these spots, you really have no excuse to burn off those extra calories while traveling the world and tasting the local cuisines.



St. Louis, Missouri

Designed by artist William LaChance, the basketball courts showcase the bold, brightly colored abstract work the St. Louis-based painter is known for. The location of the courts are significant, as it’s a few blocks away from the areas of Ferguson surrounded by riots in 2014.

Photo: Courtesy of Marcus Buck


Munich, Germany

Located in Munich, Germany, this basketball court is different from every other court in the world. And that’s due to the mounds and lights throughout the space. While it might not be the friendliest court on your ankles, it surely is kind on the eyes.

Photo: Getty Images


Dubrovnik, Croatia

For those who are lucky enough to play basketball within City Wall Rooftop Court in Dubrovnik, Croatia, the experience will likely stay with them for a lifetime. Not only is the court set within the old, terra-cotta roofs of the city, but the views of the Adriatic Sea are something out of a fairy tale in Croatia.

Photo: Getty Images


Toronto, Canada

Toronto’s David Crombie Park allows visitors to work on their jump shot with spectacular views of the downtown skyline, including the 1,815 foot-tall CN Tower.

Photo: Getty Images


New York City

Within New York’s Little Italy is the basketball court set within a townhouse. Located near Centre Market Place and Broome Street, the court has a spectacular view of the former New York City Police Headquarter, which was built in 1909 and designed by the firm Hoppin & Koen.

Photo: Getty Images


San Diego, California

In 2011, Michigan State and North Carolina played a basketball game aboard the USS Carl Vinson. President Obama was even in attendance, as the two teams battled along the coast of San Diego.

Photo: Getty Images


San Pedro, California

The basketball court at Angels Gate Park in San Pedro, California offers players panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, as well as Santa Catalina Island in the distance. The court was briefly shown during the opening credits of He Got Game (1998), a Spike Lee-directed movie starring Denzel Washington.


Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia

Just south of Siem Reap, Cambodia (where the temples of Angkor Wat are located) is Lake Tonle Sap. The body of water, which is 1,042 square-miles in size, contains hundred of thousands of residents. Locals live primarily on floating boats (on the surface of the lake and its shores), which also means schools, stores, and yes, basketball courts (pictured) are among the many structures witnessed throughout the lake.

Photo: Courtesy of Nike


New York City

In 2016, Nike enlisted the street artist, KAWS, to paint murals on several New York City courts which were located in the Lower East Side neighborhood.

Photo: Getty Images


Paris, France

Located in Pigalle (Paris’s 9th arrondissement) is a boldly painted basketball court tightly positioned within a row of buildings. The project—which was a partnership between the French design firm, Ill Studio, and Nike—was completed in 2009.

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