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Numerous companies incorporate the golden touch into interior design.

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The re-emergence of brass, bronze and gold tone finishes is leading home design trends.  Not since the heyday of the 90s has brass been so prevalent in interior design.  It’s literally everywhere, with a golden sheen catching the light and creating a buzz among leading designers and customers in our industry.  While brass is the metal of the moment, today’s brass is an intriguing interpretation of a retro style that is fresh and modern, yet still classic and elegant.  Brass is back, and in a big way!

Brass and gold-toned finishes offer a traditional look that brings warmth to any room.  The finish has a certain industrial appeal as well as a sense of romance and history, particularly with antiqued finishes that recall an Old-World aesthetic.  Today’s brass comes in a variety of fine finishes, such as un-lacquered brass, brushed and bronzed.  Forbes listed satin bronze as one of its “Top 10 design trends to expect in 2017,” praising its subtlety and transitional style that complements a range of design décors.  Brass is also a perfect partner to pair with other metals.  Its warm tones play beautifully with “cold” metals such stainless steel or nickel, and it’s especially pretty with crystal accents.

Victoria + Albert just unveiled several exciting product lines, including a fabulous un-lacquered brass finish available exclusively on its Florin and Staffordshire faucet collections.  The new finish showcases a warmer and more sophisticated vibe than the bold brass of decades’ past.  Known as a “living finish,” un-lacquered brass ages naturally by developing a unique patina over the lifespan of the fixture.  The absence of a protective lacquer allows the durable solid brass to gradually darken and reveal subtle undertones of color and texture.  Victoria + Albert developed the un-lacquered brass finish in response to rising requests from customers, who have been delighted with the refined style of the new finish and the opportunity it offers to create an evolving look that is uniquely their own.

The Florin and Staffordshire Collections are smart choices to showcase this exceptional new finish, each making its own distinctive statement.  The Staffordshire line celebrates “new traditional” design and its graceful combination of classic styles and modern lines, while Florin faucets capture the essence of the Art Deco aesthetic in a fresh way.  Both collections are available in a beautiful array of options for the bathtub, sink, shower and even the drains, making it easy to create a cohesive look in the bathroom.

Designers at The Furniture Guild have discovered the joys of combining brass fixtures with contrasting finishes.  Its heirloom-quality bathroom vanities are available in an amazing array of natural and exotic wood tones, as well as matte, high gloss acrylic and automotive finishes.  The company now offers an exquisite option for brass hardware, trim, and legs that provides a glorious golden accent against a colorful palette of finishes.  There’s something particularly satisfying about the juxtaposition of warm wood and golden brass accents.

The Alton vanity from The Furniture Guild is a perfect example of a successful mix of eclectic materials, shown with a walnut granite cabinet and satin brass hardware including recessed bar pulls.  Each piece is crafted by hand, and covered by a lifetime warranty for materials and workmanship.  As brass increases in popularity, more and more customers are choosing brass hardware to complete their custom bathroom furniture designs.

Philip Watts Design is pushing the creativity envelope with its new Crushed Collection of handles for entrance doors, cabinetry and even small drawer knobs.  These caught our eye recently with the stunning satin bronze finish and distinctive texture.  This truly unique design company is based in the heart of Nottingham and specializes in handmade architectural ironmongery with a stylish twist.  The unique crushed texture looks beautiful and feels substantial in the hand.  With oversized pulls measuring up to nearly 23 inches long, these handles bring an unexpected touch of gold to bathroom design.  The Crushed Collection is shown in satin finished bronze and is also available in aluminum and brass.

The Carré Collection from Grandeur Hardware is another great example of the brass trend.  The collection is a perfect melding of modern and traditional design with just a touch of Art Deco whimsy.  This solid brass collection offers four sets of levers and 18 knobs to choose from, and a selection of eight flawless finishes completes the look.  Here’s also a sneak peek at Grandeur Hardware’s soon-to-be-released One Piece Handlesets.  The new sets will be offered in a traditional S-Grip, standard C-Grip and a unique Square Grip for a more contemporary look.

Grandeur Hardware has a long-standing appreciation for brass, from a practical, as well as an aesthetic perspective, and is on trend with its new brass offerings.  The company uses only the highest quality forging brass to craft its solid brass knobs and hardware, resulting in smooth operation and incredible durability.  It also values the beauty of brass.  Of its seven available finishes, three are brass variations — a traditional polished brass with a glossy lacquer; an aged vintage brass for those who want the patina look without the wait; and a lifetime brass for a polished look that has been specially treated to make it suitable for bathroom fixtures in a moisture-rich environment.  Grandeur Hardware offers leaded crystal knobs in a rainbow of colors.  When paired with a beautiful brass plate or rosette, the results are simply incredible.

With winter right around the corner, Sterlingham Co. offers its own take on the brass trend with the warmth and style of a modern and minimalist towel warmer.  Its new Arley features a space-saving wall-mounted design offered in electric, hot water, or dual fuel.  Available in custom sizes and configurations, the standard size has a wall mount depth of 51/2 inch.  As with all Sterlingham towel warmers, the dimensions can be tweaked to suit each customer’s needs.  Custom finishes and details are available, including standard finish options such as polished brass (shown here), polished chrome, polished or matte nickel, antique gold, copper and bronze.  Concealed wall mounts are also included featuring Sterlingham’s patented low-energy design; the Arley’s exceptional quality and elegance make it a beautifully practical accent in any contemporary décor.

With its amazing versatility, it’s no surprise that brass is on the rise as a driving design trend.  From furniture and bathroom fixtures to lighting and accessories, brass is bringing its golden touch to today’s interior design.  We look forward to watching this trend unfold and discovering new uses for this eclectic metal.

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