Looking for new employees? Find them on social media

If you need to add a new team member and fill a position before the end of the year, social media can help.

You already know how to work the platforms because you use them round the clock to market your business. More good news? You can find better talent quicker on social media.

Fifty-nine percent of recruiters say the candidates they discovered on social media are the “highest quality,” and employees hired on LinkedIn are 40 percent less likely to leave the company within the first six months. To top it off, 62 percent of organizations say recruiting on social decreases the time to fill the position.

Now that you’re with us, let’s dive into the best practices of recruiting talent on social media.

The Best Social Networks to Recruit Employees

When you think “recruiting” and “social media,” LinkedIn is probably the first platform you’d try – and you’d be in good company! Ninety-six percent of human resource professionals use LinkedIn for recruiting, making it their top social media network to find new talent.

Those looking for a job, though, choose Facebook. Sixty-seven percent of job seekers now use Facebook in their job search.

That’s why Facebook and LinkedIn are the top two best networks to recruit talent.

Tips to Recruit on Facebook

1. Post jobs on Facebook.

You can now post, advertise and accept applications directly on Facebook. Just click “Jobs” on the left-side menu on your Facebook Business page, and you can publish a job posting in under five minutes. All applications will be sent directly through Facebook Messenger, so be ready!

2. Boost your job.

Now, you get to use Facebook’s incredibly detailed advertising filters to find your perfect candidate. Target based on geography, work experience, current job, education and so much more. Go crazy!

3. Advertise your culture.

In addition to the above, create advertising campaigns on Facebook that focus on your company culture. Here, you want to inspire and sell passive job seekers on why your business is the best place for them to work. Share employee photos, tell their stories and always end with a call to action for people to apply for open jobs!

How to Find New Talent on LinkedIn

1. To pay or not to pay.

To host a job posting on LinkedIn, you must pay using a pay-per-click model. Or you can hack the system by posting the URL to specific jobs on your page.

For this tactic to work, you need to have a substantial following on LinkedIn. Otherwise, no one will see it. If that’s not the case, invest in the other model.

2. Search for the best.

Using LinkedIn’s advanced search, look for talent using specific keywords to fill a specific position. Use conjunctions like and, or and not to connect keywords. Generally, most people on LinkedIn are open to job opportunities. But if you want to focus on those actively looking for a job, try adding phrases like “looking” or “new job” to your search.

Then, connect with the individual, and send a personalized message. Pitch them on why your company is a great place to work, flatter them about why you think they’re a great fit and ask them to apply for a specific job.

3. Stick to business hours.

LinkedIn is a professional network, so avoid sending personalized messagesduring evenings and weekends. Messages sent on Thursday between 9 to 10 a.m. are 12 percent more likely to get a response than those sent on Friday during the same time.

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