Flexible apartments offer efficient living for 7 students

Thai property developer AP Public Company has created shared living spaces in Bangkok for college students who have limited funds for housing. Designed in collaboration with Italian studio Fabrica, the project, called Space Scholarship, offers seven coeds a chance to live together in two condominium units whose interiors have been transformed into efficient places of study, creativity, and rest.

Configured to maximize flexibility, the spaces incorporate modular design, built-in furniture, hidden storage systems, and other moveable elements. They were also designed to promote both openness and privacy, depending on the student’s preferences at any given time.

Bunk beds can be shuttered by way of curtains and panels, while a dining table transforms into a desk with built-in leaves that fold up to become partitions. A kind of picture rail lines the walls right below the ceiling, allowing for shelves and other fixtures to be hung from it. And built-in benches offer additional under-seat storage. Each colorful unit comes equipped with a small kitchen and bathroom as well. The units even provide a slice of the outside by way of small balconies.

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