The Top Pieces Interior Designers Are Shopping for Now

If you ask any designer what’s trending among their projects, they’ll almost always tell you it’s hard to define. Each client has different taste and a huge variety of specific needs, so the odds of buying the same statement items for multiple clients are slim.


To find out what designers are adding to their own wish lists, we asked 1stdibs, the leading online marketplace for covetable pieces. With over 25,000 members in its trade program, launched in 2015, the concierge team certainly has insight into which items are trending across its vast range of offerings, even sometimes to the point of bidding wars.

For example, following the death of midcentury furniture designer Vladimir Kaganin April 2016, 1stdibs’ trade concierge received a slew of requests for his iconic Serpentine couch. At one point, two designers were after the very same one listed on the site, and the concierge team had to play referee. “One of them ended up purchasing the exact piece that was listed on the site, and for the other client, our trade concierge was able to go out to our network of dealers and source an additional piece that they had as a pocket listing, something that might not have been listed on our site,” says Sarah Liebel, head of the 1stdibs Trade Program. “The piece was actually in a different color, but our concierge team spoke with the dealer and made sure it could be reupholstered in the color that the client wanted.” While this exemplary story of compromise may not be the norm, there are plenty of other items top designers have their eye on. See what’s trending now.


Vladimir Kagan Sofas “He has always been popular, but since his passing last year, we’ve seen an increased demand.”


Jindrich Halabala wingback lounge chairs.


Oversize Statement Chandeliers Reggiani chandelier.



Female Designers “Designers are always looking for new ways to add unique value to their project, and many have begun collecting pieces from female creators specifically,” says Liebel. “We’ve had strong success with Charlotte Perriand furniture, Greta Grossman’s Grasshopper lamp, and seating by Kerstin Hörlin-Holmquist.”


Art Deco–Style Pieces Chrome Art Deco desk lamps.


1950s Furniture “Besides the iconic Tulip table and Eames coffee table, our designers are also using pieces like the Børge Mogensen Spanish leather chair and Pierre Jeanneret easy armchair in that same midcentury 1950s focus.”



Murano Statement Pieces Italian Murano chandelier.

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