Open Kitchen Creates Unified Living Space


This small kitchen in Villanova, PA was dark, made the family feel enclosed and left a lot to be desired in terms of aesthetics. The clients wanted to completely transform the kitchen to better fit their modern family lifestyle. This required an entire gut and demolition of the space.


Matthew and Donna Ferrarini of Philadelphia-based Ferrarini Kitchens, Baths, Interiors were tasked with creating an open space that looked upon the outdoors and opened up to the main living area. The main challenge was the height of the kitchen, which at 7.5′ left the room feeling small. The goal – to elongate the space and make it feel more connected to the adjoining rooms – was achieved by employing a simple but functional layout. First, the restricting peninsula was removed and replaced by a larger island. Floor-to-ceiling entrances were created between rooms to provide a more open dialogue. A wall was taken down to allow better circulation around the island. The shape of the island was designed to mirror the flow of traffic from the entry to dining room, and included a central sink and two sides: one side was set up for food prep and the other for cooking, allowing multiple cooks to work together simultaneously. To brighten up the space, the previously dark and dated cabinetry was replaced with brighter white cabinets with clean, simple lines. Amplified lighting and the addition of new windows created a brighter space that opened to the outdoors. Finally, the flooring was replaced in both the dining room and kitchen so as to create one unified environment.

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