Introducing Tiipoi: The British Homeware Brand That Is Rewriting The Rules Of Design

Spandana Gopal is a woman on a mission to change our perception of Indian design. Her company, Tiipoi – which has just launched online this week at OPUMO – create a range of homeware products that challenge western clichés of the ‘ornamental’ nature of Indian design by drawing attention to the nuanced ingenuities of everyday objects that are so commonplace in Indian culture, that they’re rarely discussed.


“We’re talking about a common sense attitude to consumption – a design ethos from India – where nothing is wasted. And innovation, though often frugal or homespun at first, comes from a lack of something rather than an excess of it, explains Spandana.

Tiipoi provide a window into the real India by sharing its stories through the products for your home. Tiipoi don’t hide the human hand involved in the manufacturing processes, instead they highlight it as an integral and innovative part of producing in India.


“I felt that there was an untold story -one that was a little more real, a little less exotic, a little more every day, explains Spandana. “While India is stereotyped for (great) kitsch, domestic life is constructed around more practical, functional and sustainable design that meets the eye.

“I loved this idea that the lack of something, rather than an excess made people innovate – especially today when disposable materials are abundant. In India, an object never dies – it is everlasting, you can always make it ‘good’ because there are people who just do that. Whether it’s a coal fired iron or a tiffin, everything has a clear role to play.”



Spandanda aims to engage a wider audience with concepts of good materials and astute ergonomics as part of daily life, something she feels has always existed in India, but has somehow been overlooked. Tipoii is entirely unique in its approach to design in the sense that their material approach to design looks inspire considered living in a world where product lifespans are growing shorter and disposable materials are abundant. Therefore, Tipoii believes in in good materials and good design that is often invisible. So, rather than adding to the exploding world of intricately designed homeware products, Tiipoi adapts from existing classics in order to champion lesser known design concepts from the Indian subcontinent.


By working with small-scale workshops and semi-industrial units, or independent craftsmen and makers, the studio creates design that brings together handmade and industrial production in India, always aspiring to keep a human element in the making process. As a result, every Tipoii product – from soft-touch cushions to the signature round Tipoii Mirror – is designed with care and with the intent that they will one day be passed on. The values of functionality, longevity and waste-reduction naturally run deep through Tiipoi’s latest collection and the unique story of India that the brand tells through its products. Discover it for yourself by shopping the latest Tipoii collection at OPUMO.

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