5 reasons why you should choose marble

Marble is one of the most popular natural stones anywhere in the world, and is known for both beauty and durability. Varieties of marble have been used for eternity and have well and truly stood up to the test of time.

However, design trends reveal marble is being passed over for alternatives such as manmade stone, quartzite or granite. According to Victoria Stone Gallery, marble, being a natural stone, is not a perfect product, but the options are pretty good.

Considered a soft stone when compared to other natural stone surfaces, marble is mostly calcite, and will etch, scratch and become dull with exposure to acids. However, marble achieves 3-4 on Moh’s Scale of Hardness whereas granite and quartzite are ranked at 6-8.

There’s no doubt that marble is an excellent benchtop and building material. When treated right, marble benchtops, vanities, floors and tables will last many lifetimes and look elegant too.

Here are 5 reasons why you should go for the real thing:

1. Marble is extremely durable.

Statues and buildings built thousands of years ago from marble continue to draw crowds today. Marble found in Asia is actually very hard while varieties sourced from Europe are softer.

2. Marble does not hold or conduct heat.

Being heat resistant, marble has been used to cool down interior spaces, especially in hot climates. This is also one of the reasons a marble bath that is not heated is not a wise idea.

3. Marble is available in a range of colours.

While the famous Calacatta or Statuario varieties are extremely popular, marble isn’t just white and grey; this natural stone is available in a riot of colours and can be red, green, pink, brown, yellow or combinations of all of the above. Many of the coloured marble varieties are a lot harder than the typical stone found in Carrara.

4. Marble is not as expensive as you think.

The price of the stone depends on the quarry it’s sourced from; the famous Italian stones can range from $100 – $3000 per square metre.

5. Etching gives your stone character

Etching and staining give marble surfaces character. Marble is typically not sealed in Europe so that it can soak up the excitement of life. Stains and etchings are signs of a well-loved benchtop.

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