Pretty in Pink: We’re in Love With These 10 Blush-Colored Bathrooms

There are many trends from the ’50s that are better off buried. The fixation with Jell-O, for example. Conical bras. McCarthyism. However, there are some things that should be allowed to stick around, pretty much forever. Nearing the top of the list: vintage pink bathroom tiles.

After all, Millennial Pink is still enjoying its moment. And homes featuring this pink perk aren’t in short supply: The Save the Pink Bathrooms campaign started by Pam Kueber of Retro Renovation estimates there might have been approximately 5 million pink home lavatories built from 1946 to 1966. They could even be found in the White House, when first lady Mamie Eisenhower redecorated the presidential living areas with her favorite hue.

There’s more than just random trendiness going on here. Pink is a calming color and can help enhance some skin tones, making you look just that little bit fresher when you stumble in for your morning shower.

If you want to join Eisenhower’s illustrious ranks and tint your world a pretty rose shade, perhaps the pink bathrooms in these 10 homes for sale will make you blush with joy.

2323 Robinson Way, Huntsville, TX

Price: $199,000
Pink perks: The previous homeowners clearly weren’t strangers to the appeal of a good blush-toned decoration. One of the two bathrooms features vintage pink tiling halfway up the walls, topped by a complementary green wallpaper.


901 Ben Lora Ln, San Benito, TX

Price: $187,000
Pink perks: This home’s stone exterior doesn’t prep you for the vintage tile in the eat-in kitchen and both bathrooms. While there’s a teal-and-black combo in one bathroom, the one pictured below has pink tiling with a thin black border reminiscent of pink poodle skirts.


636 Green Briar Rd, Elkins Park, PA

Price: $199,000
Pink perks: This three-bedroom home features a spacious living area with a wood-burning fireplace. In the bathroom, the lovely pink shade graces the tile and even some of the ceramic fixtures.


3434 Oak Ridge Dr, Joplin, MO

Price: $169,900
Pink perks: Original wood floors, colorful accent walls, fireplace, large shady lot, and vintage tiling—what more could you need? The pink in this bathroom is painted on, but there’s matching tiling installed around the bathtub and on the floor.


326 Primrose Dr, Louisville, KY

Price: $309,900
Pink perks: Cozy amenities including a built-in hutch, two porches, and a marble fireplace are apt for a home on the aptly named Primrose Drive. The bathroom with pink tiling and black accents comes with linen storage, a contemporary vanity, and a matching diamond-patterned floor.


42 Cornell Dr, Dennis Port, MA

Price: $309,000
Pink perks: The green-trimmed exterior of this home is just a preview of the country design inside. Naturally, that wouldn’t be complete without a pink-tiled bathroom set off by patterned green wallpaper and pink ceramic fixtures.


113 Cross St, Bennington, VT

Price: $129,500
Pink perks: “Yes, it’s pink!” boasts the listing. Built in 1900, this New England home’s vintage accents include exposed kitchen beams, a brick hearth with a wood stove, a breakfast nook, and, of course, a bathroom with a pink tile, sink, and tub.


14 Fairlawn Rd, Louisville, KY

Price: $279,500
Pink perks: When you need a break from your porch swing, stroll inside this four-bedroom home, past a fireplace with built-in shelving and recently renovated kitchen. This bathroom’s pink tiles surround the pink sink, ceramic soap holders, and floral accent tiles. But be warned: You might have the occasional visitor asking to see your charming bathroom.


124 Ridgewood Ave, Berlin, NJ

Price: $175,000
Pink perks: The rose-tinted bricks on this three-bedroom rancher are just a preview of the colorful interior. Amenities include the rooftop solar panels to the modern kitchen to the retro pink-and-black bathroom.


309 Greenview Ln, Havertown, PA

Price: $299,900
Pink perks: The previous homeowners installed new carpeting and appliances and updated the electrical and plumbing systems, but they left intact the charming bathroom. Pink tiling with a black border wraps halfway up the walls and fully covers the interior of the walk-in shower.


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