Mirror TVs are creating a buzz in the interior design industry

INTERIOR designers are jumping on board new technology that turns your television into a stylish mirror.

Electronic Living managing director Damian Cavanagh said the Mirror TV was penetrating the high end market, but due to manufacturing now being done on home soil the mid-range market was also starting to adopt the new trend.

“The cost five years ago of Mirror TVs was exponentially greater, we imported the entire product from Germany, which was very expensive,” he said.


The company now imports the glass from Europe but manufactures the rest of the product in Australia.

“Basically it’s a conventional LED TV and then we custom build the frame and mirror over it,” he said.

The technology allows the TV to be hidden behind reflective glass, as you turn the TV on the mirror becomes clear.

The assembly time is around two weeks from order and the cost starts at around $4,500 for a 32 inch television, including the mirror.

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