Intermark Group shares its expertise on interior design that appeals to international home buyers.

There are a lot of factors that come into play when catering design preferences to any demographic. Here, we consider the importance of international buyers and how their preferences influence design. The team at Intermark Design is constantly challenged by new groups of international buyers who arrive in Florida, bringing their culture and heritage with them.

When approaching a design specific to cultural preferences, it is most important to identify the factors that all cultures tend to see as important in any home buying decision.

First, consider that the American dream is not just for Americans. Think of common things that unite families and try to tie these important lifestyle festivities together, drawing them one by one into a main theme of the home.

For example, eating spaces and common spaces are important places in a new home for international buyers. Visions of hosting extended family and friends weigh heavily on their decision to buy—many of them are looking to entertain, in addition to having live-in relatives who come and stay. A true Florida lifestyle is showcased in the outdoor living areas with plenty of entertaining space.

This shared-home philosophy also ties into the theme of the reNEWable Living Home that Intermark is doing with Meritage Homes, which has a theme of multigenerational living. With that in mind, it’s important to have multiple bedrooms that can accommodate adults as well. International buyers don’t think of a home as a place just for immediate family.

Depending on the specific nationality, the direction of the lot itself can elicit a “yes” or “no” before the home is even built. It is best to plan lot direction well ahead of permit time, and don’t neglect thinking of principles such as vastu shastra and feng shui as they are important design elements incorporated in Indian and Chinese cultures, respectively.

Some international buyers tend to steer clear of textiles or finishes that show wear. They prefer easy-to-maintain finishes such as tile and quartz. South American buyers specifically love the clean, low-maintenance look of tile and bright, open design. Fabrics that incorporate a light, airy feel are necessary to showcase a “stay and play” lifestyle.

Most important, include modern technology as much as possible in the décor and design. International buyers want to come to America and have modern luxuries and the latest technology available to them.

In the reNEWable Living Home project, many of these factors were taken into consideration during the design phase. Large, oversized, easy-to-clean tile is used throughout the home, and cabinetry that incorporates open storage provides a functional storage area with a more contemporary look and allows for a low-maintenance lifestyle. Self-charging countertop stations also allow for less clutter and cords on the countertops. Touchscreen TVs and the latest Wi-Fi enhancements allow for instant communication with others back home, and the Whirlpool appliances are designed to work integrally together utilizing the latest technology.

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