Watercolor Cakes Are Here To Stay

Delicious Watercolor Creations (Literally)


Watercolor cakes have moved this medium from canvas to fondant, and we are loving it! Between Pinterest, the TV series “The Great British Bake Off” and our generally food-obsessed culture, it’s no wonder art and cakes have crossed paths.

Decadent, wedding-style cakes arguably have always been a kind of art. Now the trend is veering toward the paintbrush-holding type. That’s right, watercolor cakes are officially “in.” Below is a sneak peek into the article “Serving Up Watercolor,” featured in Watercolor Artist‘s October issue. Enjoy!

Let There be Watercolor Cakes


Of all the artists making stunning cakes, Maggie Austin could accurately be called the queen. She has created sugar vases for the Obama family and wields a paintbrush with the expertise of an atelier-trained artist. She even creates cookies adorned with Claude Monet’s waterlilies beautifully reproduced by hand.

All of that detailed work surely takes a long time. However, instead of a staff, Austin likes to work with young artists.

“We have an internship program. It’s comprehensive because interns work on every aspect of the cake production during their three- to six-month stay. They can go out into the world with their own artistic voice,” explains Austin in an interview with Gigberry. “As a mentor, nothing is more rewarding than seeing graduates opening their own studios and creating their own designs.”

And, when it comes to her inspiration, she notes in another interview on BHLDN’s blog that she follows interior designers, pastry chefs and painters. “Because we’re all in the same business,” she says.

“We want to see beauty in everything we do, whether it’s a lovely piece of pie or a gorgeous hat or stunning sculpture,” states Austin. “There’s no need to draw lines when it comes to artistic expression. My goal is to encourage everyone to make his or her own unique contribution to this amazing canvas of human creativity.”


See more of Maggie Austin’s cakes in her new book, Maggie Austin Cake: Artistry and Technique.

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