Pastel Gallery | Arlene Richman’s Abstract Art

Regarding non-objective painting, New York City artist Arlene Richman says, “I try not to be intellectual about it. I let it happen. If I have to state what I’m looking for, it’s fearlessness. I don’t want to feel inhibited.”

According to her, abstract art requires a resilience of vision—more so than when she created representational work, which the artist discovered just wasn’t the right fit for her. “I enjoyed doing it,” she says, “but I knew it wasn’t going to be the stopping point for me.”

Enjoy this gallery of the artist’s non-objective pastels here, and read more about Arlene Richman, winner of the Richeson Pastel Bronze Award in the 17th annual Pastel 100 competition, in the April 2016 issue of Pastel Journal. The issue is available now at in print or as an instant download, and on newsstands March 8.

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