5 types of content to invest in — and 5 to skip

Most social media marketers spend 6-11 hours a week on social media. That includes everything from creating content to analyzing metrics. Simply put, there are not enough hours in the week.
Instead of trying to do it all, do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Below are five types of digital content you should invest more in — and five types you can nix from your never-ending to-do list.
Create more …

1. Videos. Create as many videos as you can. That means more live videos, Instagram Stories and even simple videos where you overlay text atop images. On Facebook, people watch 8 billion videos a day, which is double the amount from 2015. Also, video posts have a 135 percent greater organic reach than photos. Nearly any video you post will outperform other content.
2. Quality pictures. Still, you can’t include a video in every post. As a backup, create and curate high-quality pictures. Stage your own photo shoots quarterly, take candid pictures and share customer photos, too. You want to tell your brand’s story and message visually as often as you can!
3. Infographics. People can’t help but share infographics. The eye-catching design attracts attention, and the bite-sized tidbits of information keep people reading. It’s the best of both worlds.
4. Blog posts. When you answer your audience’s top questions and target the right keywords, blog posts can continue to gain traction and deliver steady traffic for years. They’re the gift that keeps on giving.
5. Case studies. For B2B businesses, case studies can be incredibly powerful. When a customer is singing your praises, it becomes more trustworthy to your readers. Plus, you’re showing, not telling, how your business can work wonders. For the greatest success, include a solid mix of hard data and anecdotal evidence.

Skip the …

1. Podcasts. Podcasts are fun to listen to. But for marketers, they aren’t worth the time because they don’t offer an advantageous ROI or engagement rate. And your audience doesn’t “need” them the same way they need your emails, social media content and videos.
2. White papers. White papers are often redundant. What can you say in it that couldn’t better be expressed in a blog or news release? Exactly.
3. e-books. For some B2B businesses, guarded content that must be downloaded to be accessed may still make sense. For most companies, though, your content should be 100 percent accessible. If you ask for too much too soon, you’ll lose your audience. Instead, invest in marketing automation to gain that information without the friction.
4. Memes. Memes are easy to make, but hard to do right. They can make your business look like you’re pandering to the younger generation. Or your audience might not get the reference and feel isolated as a result. For the risk they present, memes don’t offer enough of a gain.
5. Filler content. Did you just pen a mediocre tweet or Facebook post simply to fill a spot on your editorial calendar? Chances are you should delete it. Don’t post something just to post something. Create each piece of content with a goal that aligns with your overall strategy. If that means you post a bit less for a week or two, that’s OK.

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