Pink Intruder Recreates Burning Man Installation in Spanish Cloister

After bringing Renaissance to Burning Man in the Nevada desert, the art collective Pink Intruder came home to Spain to reconstruct the installation at the Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània, a former convent, for another festival, Las Fallas de Valencia.


Aided by scaffolding, volunteers and Pink Intruder members connected cardboard tubes to cardboard posts with MDF joints to build a cube.

pink-intruder-las-fallas-de-valencia-spain-led-strips-taped-to-tubes-0617Photography by Noel Arraiz.
LED strips were taped to the tubes.

pink-intruder-las-fallas-de-valencia-spain-cardboard-masks-0617Photography by Noel Arraiz.
Once CNC-cut MDF panels were screwed on, cardboard masks were the last element added.

pink-intruder-las-fallas-de-valencia-spain-sky-view-0617Photography by Noel Arraiz.
The cube stood 19 feet tall.

pink-intruder-las-fallas-de-valencia-spain-led-lights-night-0617Photography by Noel Arraiz.
LEDs illuminated it at night.

pink-intruder-las-fallas-de-valencia-spain-gold-leafed-paper-latticework-0617Photography by Noel Arraiz.
Sheets of gold-leafed paper, varnished to protect it from the elements, wrapped the latticework.

pink-intruder-las-fallas-de-valencia-spain-migul-arraiz-WATERMARK-0617Photography by Noel Arraiz.
Pink Intruder founder Miguel Arraiz surveyed Renaissance, which featured ceramic mosaic tile on the floor.
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