Betsey Johnson’s lifestyle is equally as colorful as her designs. Some might consider her iconic punk-meets-femme style to be over-the-top, but that’s just Betsey being Betsey — she’s never been one for boring, blasé, or beige. Instead, she’s painted her world with zany designs, rock-n-roll friends, and a whole lot of style, including a 4-bedroom 6-bathroom dream home in Guerrero, Mexico.
Now, after glamorously restoring it to reflect her signature style, she’s letting others get the full Betsey Experience.

In other words, you can rent the “Betseyvilla” for a few days of celebration, relaxation, or a little bit of both — just the way Betsey likes it.


“Since I started traveling in the ’60s, whether I was broke or not, I somehow always ended up in Mexico. I just love the people and the artwork,” she tells “As soon as I saw this funky beach town, I knew I needed to buy some property.”

Tucked away on a private refuge in La Baritta, a fishing village that has yet to be overrun by western tourism, the house was once surrounded by lush overgrowth. But once she stepped inside, Betsey was immediately inspired by the villa’s fantastic bones.


With the help of Andrés Saavedra, a designer based in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, they created Betsey’s own design wonderland, while still maintaining the home’s integrity, from its stunning marble floors to its grand archways.

Betsey is no stranger to good design, after designing the interiors for each of her brick-and-mortar locations, starting with the original NYC flagship. She dreamed that the house would reflect that New York fashion flair, while still celebrating the intricate beauty of Mexican design — and that’s exactly what she got.


“I wanted the house to just reek of Betsey,” she says. “In the best way possible, of course! I knew that my dear fans and customers over the years would love the experience, so I made the entire house very personal. It’s full of my favorite antiques and junk I’ve collected over the years.”


The lush green property is punctuated with palm trees and water, both the glimmering Pacific Ocean and the glamorous infinity pool. Inside, you’re immediately greeted by a kaleidoscopic color palette, larger-than-life photos of the designer, and the overwhelming feeling that this vacation will be unlike any other. It is every bit as unique as Betsey intended.


The estate holds four bedrooms, each with its own vivacious theme: Betsey’s Room (obviously the most extravagant), the Rock & Roll Room, the Honeymoon Suite, and the Ladies Room. The colorful suites each boasts a king-sized bed and a private bathroom, comfortably fitting up to eight people. Throughout the home, you’ll find her precious belongings adorning every wall and tabletop, really giving you a glance into what feels like her hundreds of lives.


The Betseyvilla isn’t all about amazing design. “I love the concept of traveling as an experience, not just a destination,” Johnson says. The house is curated with once-in-a-lifetime experiences, from cruising around in the seven-seater Jeep Commander to outdoor yoga with a view. You’ll find everything you could possibly want, including private dinner party preparation, in-house spa treatments, surf lessons, and so much more.

No matter your travel style, Betsey’s thought of it all, and she wants you to be a part of her world.






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