Shower Plants Are Trending

Miniature jungles seem to be popping up in every corner of the house these days, and we mean every corner. Pinterest recently reported that searches for shower plants are up 302 percent from last year. That’s right—they’re talking about greenery perched beside you as you wash your hair. Further proof that all things leafy are on the rise: Industry influencers are now choosing plants over cut flowers to decorate their showrooms and homes. We turned to Tor Harrison, owner of Toro, a houseplant and garden wares shop in Falmouth, England, to find out if the trend is really worth a try. Her take: “Plants make such a positive impact in our domestic spaces, bringing emotional, physical, and mental benefits—can you think of anything nicer than being surrounded by foliage and breathing in the fresh air of the plants around you when taking your morning shower?”


But it’s not as easy as placing any old potted plant on the edge of your tub. “Not all bathrooms are going to make ideal environments for plants—a good source of natural light is crucial,” says Harrison. “Similarly, it is important to get the plant choice right; not all plants like a high level of humidity.” However, there are certain hardy species that are perfect for the shower. Harrison recommends Monstera deliciosa, Devil’s Ivy, Philodendron hederaceum, common asparagus ferns, staghorn ferns, wax plants, and air plants. For something that flowers, she suggests a moth orchid.


Once you’ve brought your new shower plants home, caring for them is thankfully quite simple. First, watch to see that the greenery is acclimating to the steam and temperature fluctuations. “Make sure you regularly check your plants over, ensuring they are not scalding or drying out too quickly,” Harrison says. From there, treat them like any other plants. “Feed them appropriately throughout the growing season,” she says, “replenishing the nutrients in the soil as well as regular pruning and maintenance.” With these verdant new additions to our daily routines, even the biggest night owl could become a morning person.

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