Interior Design: Why it matters to me & my projects!

Think of everything that matters to you and why they matter…Is it because they have some kind of importance to you? Why do you think they have an importance to you? Analyzing and answering these questions make it easier for you to find the essence of your interest in your passion. 

For me, design matters because, in my opinion, it transforms lives! Just like doctors and surgeons save the physical lives of the patients, good design helps people live in a better environment that satisfies their needs as far as functionality and aesthetics. It is important to me that I clearly communicate with my clients on there wants and needs of the space before I get started on any projects. Any designer can come up with a design that they like the best and think it would work, but if it is not something that their clients want, then it becomes just another design and not something that the client wanted. 

Another reason why design matters to me is that I get to talk to people and learn from their experiences with spaces. These experiences, teach me ways that I can help current and future clients. For example, in a conversation I had with a client of mine, I learned that having a laundry room next or close to a baby room is not a good idea because the sounds and noises from this room can wake up the baby. Not having any children myself, it is difficult, at times, to think of all the perspectives of design decisions when it comes to how having children can affect the use and the design of all the rooms. 

In the design below, the client wanted two separate vanities, a make-up station/center, shelving for towels, etc. If I didn’t have the initial interview with the client, I would have just provided one vanity and no make-up table/station. I may or may not have provided the separate shelving for towels and may have just used the long, narrow cabinet by the vanity as the general storage space. In this sample project, the interior design of the space matters because it solves the problems the client was having with the previous design of their space. This design matters because it is more functional and aesthetically pleasing. The indoor plant brings the outside in and provides for a fresher look of the space.

Master Bath 4

In the same project, the client also wanted a shower with double shower heads. Although this is not very common, it has been done before. Most designs seen today only have one shower head, so not having discussed this with a client would have probably ended up with me only providing one shower head for this design.

Master Bath 6.jpg

In conclusion, I would say that design changes lives in a great extent and without good design, people would have a hard time living in the spaces provided for them. It is truly important that the designer and the client communicate well with each other on their wants and needs of the space(s). This would leave both the client and designer happy in the end…

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