3 new You Tube trends that affect your business

Have you seen it? YouTube has officially cleaned up their look. They just released their newest desktop design, which is cleaner, simpler and more closely mimics their mobile experience. Plus, the framework is faster, so we’ll probably be seeing more updates soon — like this dark theme.
Not only did YouTube just update their new look, but the company also released the top three YouTube viewing trends in 2017 so far.
Read on to discover the latest YouTube trends and the marketing implications for your business.

1. People will find a way to watch.

Within the last year, the watch time of traditional TV channels on YouTube has grown 50 percent. That number could be inflated by YouTube TV, which allows users to live-stream networks, like ABC, CBS and Fox, for $35 a month.
People are also watching twice as much YouTube content on TV screens as they were last year. This makes sense as smart televisions and screencasting apps become more popular. YouTube also just announced it will create new shows exclusively for YouTube with big name stars, like Ellen DeGeneres, Kevin Hart, Katy Perry and Demi Lovato.
Create great, quality content that works seamlessly on all devices, and people will watch it — with whatever device they have.
Always look out for new media outlets. With the constant influx of new shows and streaming services, you can discover new markets and platforms to advertise your brand. These may even work better and be more cost effective than traditional tactics.

2. Personalities and celebrities are gaining even more followers.

People in the U.S. have tripled how much time they spend watching the top 20 celebrity videos since 2013.
More interestingly, there are 75 percent more channels with more than a million subscribers than there were in 2016.
Again, this accentuates the lesson above. If you create content that resonates and makes people feel, they will watch watch — regardless of production value. You don’t need a lavish budget to tell truthful, funny stories.
Influencer marketing is gaining even more traction this year. Remember, when choosing influencers, select someone who has an audience that most closely mirrors your business’s target demographic. This is ultimately more important than finding someone with the highest number of viewers.

3. Prime time is still popular, but it’s changed.

During prime-time hours, more 18- to 49-year-olds watch YouTube on mobile than tune into any one TV network.
The beauty of digital content that’s optimized for mobile devices is you don’t have to pay the big bucks to reach those watching the 5 o’clock news or latest sitcom. They’ll come to you — if you create great videos that are search engine optimized.
Or you can advertise on the videos those 18- to 49-year-olds are already watching on YouTube. As a bonus to you, this is often much cheaper. You’ll also have access to analytics, so it’s easier to measure ROI and see what works best for your brand.

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