Learnapalooza Art Event: Chicago’s Day Of Learning & Adventure

Learnapalooza is a free festival in Chicago where you choose your own adventure.
The festivals are hosted in three Chicago neighborhoods each summer where you can learn something new, meet your neighbors and explore a corner of the city.
Learn to mix drinks, dance with a stranger, or just master Excel. Classes are taught by people just like you who are passionate, curious, and have something to share. Local businesses offer up their space, and the whole thing is planned by volunteers.
Learnapalooza is free to attend and powered completely by volunteers. This year’s event will be the 6th one. 


I had an opportunity to design the poster for the 2010 event. My idea of the design was that each building would be shaped like the activity going on inside the building. For example, the building where art lessons were thought is shaped like a paint palette, the one for sewing is shaped like scissors and so on. The medium I chose to do the art in is Prisma Color markers.

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