11 Designers On Their Unique Fabric Combinations

Fabric selection is where many designers start their projects, when color choices and textures combine to create the basis for a room. We asked 11 designers how they selected fabrics for their work, from vividly patterned rooms to muted, serene spaces.

“For this room, we chose the classic color combination of black and white and then played with scale and pattern to create visual interest and whimsy. The fabrics are a combination of updated traditional prints appropriate for this 20th-century carriage home, and when mixed with the contemporary elements of the space, they really appeal to a young, modern family.” — Jen Ziemer, Fiddlehead Design Group

philomela-indian-floral-medium-textiles-textiles-fabric            newwall-marble-chess-wallpaper-fabrics-wall-coverings-2                 caroline.cecil.textiles.bridge.black.textiles.textiles.fabrics.cotton.cotton.blend.1492732837Indian Floral Medium              Marble Chess Wallpaper                         Bridge Black

“The goal with the fabrics in this room was to create a sense of layered luxury. I loved the richness of the navy velvet, so that was my starting point. Then I piled in different patterns and textures. Despite the dark sofa I wanted the room to feel bright, so I balanced out the navy with a silvery off-white on the chairs and pillows, and added rusty orange to bring some warmth.” — Laura Stein, Laura Stein Interiors





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