New App For Interior Designers: Ava By Morpholio

There is a new kind of document for interior designers called Ava by Morpholio. It’s an app that makes it easier for designers to show their designs and then provide the material lists and sketches to go with them in a single, visual presentation.

For every interior designer, the problem is huge. For every interior design project there are three separate and often tedious presentations to be created: the design or mood board for the client, the book of cut sheets and specs for the drawing set, and the product list for purchasing.

The desktop computers today are each independent and created with different programs, making the process inefficient. Between hunting data, laying out images, and assembling the details, the hours pile on, costly mistakes are made, and design budgets shrink.


With Ava, designers can create a mood or design board of images, and then magically flip it over to reveal an editable spreadsheet of its contents. And then they can flip it again and find a book of customizable cut sheets already made and ready to export or present.

Ava stands for Automated Visual Assembly, and Morpholio has applied for a patent on it.

“Interior design thrives on texture, color, collage, and storytelling,” said Anna Kenoff, co-creator of Morpholio, in a statement. “These days our boards are filled more and more with inspiration images from Pinterest, in addition to swatches and samples. What lies ahead for designers are tools like Ava that make it easy and pleasurable to move between the real and the digital.”


Ava lets a designer work intuitively and then show off a design with a new presentation tool. With the tap of a single button Ava hides all of the editing functions and turns boards, cut sheets, and lists into a dynamic presentation that can be viewed on the iPad or projected onto larger screens.

“When we work with images — taking them from the web to our desktop, often the sources and specs get lost,” says Ciara Nackino, interior designer and Morpholio ambassador, in a statement. “With Ava, the links, info, and sources stay at your fingertips and remain accessible when you need to move from inspiration to design.”

Ava streamlines workflow and ensures complete consistency between multiple formats, allowing time and energy to be reinvested into advancing the design. Conceived for the interiors industry, this logic translates across all types of visual cultures that start with mood boards, such as branding, architecture, marketing, and graphics. You can pull images and ideas seamlessly from Pinterest, and it integrates image editing from Adobe Creative SDK.

Here’s a video of how it works and a video of interior designers using it. Morpholio was founded in 2011. 

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