Art Uncorked: Mallow Run Winery & Greenwood Arts Council’s Annual Wine Label Event

For the past few years, Mallow Run Winery & Greenwood Arts Council have been hosting an event where they come up with a specific theme and have artists paint their own intrepretation of it! This year’s theme was “Hometown”. The winning artists’ art got to be printed on a wine bottle’s label. In addition, Artist’s name and artwork will have the honor of being featured on this second edition art wine. Also: 

* Artist and artwork will be announced via a press release to Central Indiana media and art              associations.

* Artist and artwork will be recognized on the Mallow Run Winery and Greater Greenwood Arts Council websites (A link to the artist’s website).

* If the winning Artist is 21 years of age or older, s/he will receive one case of the special wine.

* Artist and up to four guests get to be invited to attend, at no cost, a private wine release  reception at Mallow Run Winery.

* Receive public introduction and recognition

* Sell reproductions of the original work of art featured on the label

* Meet area artists and arts supporters

Here are the paintings I have done for this competition this year and years before:

“Almost Home”



“Inside Out”



“In The Heart Of The Crossroads”


“Musical Dance”



“Red Fusion”


“The State Cardinal”


To Learn more about Mallow Run Winery, Click Here!

To learn more about Greenwood Arts Council, Click Here!

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