Inspired Art: Connecting America SCORES’ Students & Artists

Every year, America SCORES Chicago puts together an art show where artists get to choose a poem written by America SCORES’ students and turn it into an original works of art. All the works of art are displayed at one of the local galleries where the public has an opportunity to enjoy an amazing night spent at The Inspired Art Gallery night, while supporting the opportunity for more students to participate in their after school program. This event provides a great opportunity for both the artists and the students to connect with each other on a different level and support each others’ talents. 

I had a great opportunity of participating in America SCORES’ Inspired Art event for several years! Every year had its unique selection of poetry and an amazing variety of art created by talented artists. Having lived in Indiana for many years, this event introduced me to many non-local, Chicago artists with whom I got to participate in other art shows with in Chicago galleries. I highly encourage all artists who wish to show their art non-locally to participate in this event and mingle with other artist because this can lead them to have greater opportunities to show their work in the future and expand their horizons.

It’s that time of the year again! America SCORES is now recruiting Inspired Artists for the 6th Annual Inspired Art Project. If you are new to the project, Click Here to check out their welcome packet, see the poetry selection, and purchase tickets for the  the Gallery Opening Night! 

Here are some examples of the my art and the student poems that inspired me to create these pieces:

“Violet Purple”


In the night you might dream about violet purple
You smell it smells good sweet and relaxing jolly rancher
It gets you hungry
You move to the other side the color moves with you
It moves and feels relaxing and you are still dreaming sweet
When the color moves with you, it moves calming like vibrating.
You talk in your sleep sound like who knows
The color talks with you but what does it say?
What! You can’t hear it but all you hear is the relaxing wind on a hot summer day
You see something but what is it
Oh it’s a big sweet and relaxing flower blooming in spring
Just a dream hopefully I have it again!

by Vianey V.
Pilsen Academy




Body overflowing with anger,
Shedding all hopes and dreams in my path,
I didn’t know the goal I was reaching for was
Realizing the rage of obsession
In me
Is struggling to escape.
I shred all happy emotion.
I am a monster that cannot control
His anger,
His rage.
Forgetting who I am and
What I am doing.
On a rampage to crush every dream,
I act outrageous to be all alone.

by LaCalvion K., age 10
Washington Irving


“Hate and Love Should Not Be in the Same World”


Once there was hate.
Something happened that brought the world wide awake.
There was a person, you see,
who had no life.
She was always doing things
that were not right.
She did not understand,
she did not know what to do.
When she looked at the world
she only saw dark devil
black and blue.
It smelled like farts and old rotten cheese,
and burned
like orange fire.
When she looked around
it made her so very tired.

But one day, the world changed.
People started asking questions,
they started looking around,
and this is what they found.

The of smell roses, pink and red,
in the beautiful gardens up ahead.
The taste of yummy gummy bears that we ate and
sweet creamy frosting on birthday cupcakes.
is the sound that we hear, like the shell echo of the ocean coming near.
Warm and smooth like the bottom of a baby,
we ask, is there love in the world?

Definitely, not maybe.

by the Chalmers 3rd-5th Girls Team


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