“Inside Out”: My Painting of The Miller House & Gardens; Its’ Relation To Venn Diagram & Interior Design

You know the idea of using plants and flowers in a room, bringing the outside in? For years, this concept has been very popular in designing an interior space that would make the occupants feel like they are experiencing being in nature simultaneously. This idea is still in practice and provides for great human experiences.

For the past couple of years, I have been analyzing this concept in a deeper sense of not only the interior space but also looking at the exterior and the correlation between the landscape, outer building structure (architecture), and the inner building structure (the interior). I started looking at some of the popular name architects and their works, seeing at least one common ground. All these famous sites connect the landscape with its architecture and interior design. If the inside space is designed a certain way, it somehow balances with the architecture style or some elements of the landscape design.

“The Landscape. The Exterior. The Interior.” These three areas made me think of the Venn Diagram. If “A” is the landscape and “B” the interior, then “C” includes commonalities of both A & B. In other words, area “C” brings areas “A” & “B” together.

Venn Diagram

The conclusion I came up with is that all the parts and pieces of an area where a building lands on need to be balanced and have harmony as a whole and no single part stands alone by itself.


I showed this idea in my painting of The Miller House & Gardens located in Columbus, Indiana. “Inside Out” painting is a literal take on the exterior of a building sharing some designs and patterns of both the outside (landscape) as well as the inside (interior).

Here are some of the in process and finished pictures of this fun project:IMG_1399

IMG_2126.jpg      IMG_2182

IMG_2186       IMG_2190


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