New Interior Design Coloring Book: Test Your Wildest Color Palette Ideas

One of the most important benefits of coloring books for children and adults is that they help ignite creativity which can be experienced in several other facets of their lives. Adults who color regularly find that they become great at picking colors for their clothes, their interiors etc. How fun would it be for the subject of your coloring sheets to be interiors themselves where you get to play with various color palettes and designs?

Interior Design Coloring Book

New York Times best selling authors, Sherry & John Petersikof the popular DIY home design blog “Young House Love”, have collaborated with Paige Tate & Co. to create a fresh and fun interior design coloring book, “Color At Home”, containing over 70 pages of full room renderings. The beautiful rooms and home decor inspirations, illustrated by the talented Joan Borawski, give you an opportunity to test your wildest color palette ideas. This coloring book contains different decor styles not only seen in the selection of furniture but also in its  highly detailed design ideas like built-in bookcases, patterned pillows, and ornate rugs. Each page is printed on premium white perforated paper for easy coloring. Inside you’ll find large room renderings, detailed vignettes, fun mood boards, decor round-ups (chairs, lights, pillows, etc), color advice, and even a few frameable quotes to hang on the wall when you’re done coloring them. It offers many opportunities to experiment with different color palettes and looks without lifting a paintbrush and having to repaint a room or buy new furniture giving you an opportunity to test drive different styles and color combinations before committing to them for your home makeover. Whether you’re exploring new decorating ideas or just looking for a way to escape reality and get lost in some lovely spaces, this book is for home decor enthusiasts of all kinds.

Sneak Peak Of Some Of The Pages Of “Color At Home” Coloring Book

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Watch this video to learn more about Sherry & John Petersik!

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