From White To Black: How To Succesfully Dress Up Any Room With This Color!

Even though many people don’t instantly think of using black for interior spaces, this color is no stranger to the world of interior design. It enhances sofas, desks, entertainment centers, tables and accessories. Many of the consumers willing to take a little risk with their interior design are starting to use black in larger amounts – particularly walls – with bold, stylish results.

Depending on how you use black, you really don’t have to fear the outcome of how it would make your space look. Ultimately, black is always chic, and though it’s dark, it is a neutral and goes with everything. If you think of a black wall as the equivalent of the little black dress, it takes many forms and can really shine when paired with the proper accessories. 

Start Small


When you aren’t so sure about any initial decisions you make, starting small always helps as a transition into making bigger decisions. Therefore, Using small doses of change to your rooms is a smart strategy that can have far-reaching effects. For example, using small accessories that can easily be changed or moved around may be the perfect place to branch out with black. Mirrors and typically chrome fixtures that are already in there really pop against the black and create a dynamic environment. Adding that fireplace surrounds, built-in shelves, trim, and window and door casings are also good places to experiment with black paint (See images below).


Think Patterns & Texture

Consider painting a wall a flat black, then covering it with a sheen in the form of a graphic repeating pattern. Some ideas would be doing a vintage floral or geometric ’80s pop art patterns. You can also play with patterns on the floors of any rooms! Bathrooms would be a great place to start and once you feel comfortable with the look, you can expand and experiment in other rooms such as main hallways.

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Treat The Walls Like A Piece Of Artwork

Think of working around using black backgrounds and framing it with profile molding painted in a gloss black making it a giant picture frame on one wall. Also, you can buy pre-stretched blank canvases or fence boards, painting them black, and hanging them on a wall covered in black flat paint. This idea gives you a relief that catches the light, creates some shadow and gives the wall texture and merit. If you have existing texture and molding on your ceiling, using a combo of flat and glossy black paint would also make it look very classy and rich.

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Experiment With Gradation

If you have a large room that is very well lit, particularly one with high ceilings, paint the walls black up to about eye level, switch to a gray or white up to the ceiling, then finish off the room with a white ceiling. The black anchors the wall while the gray creates the impression that the room is opening up to a white sky. The effect is stunning. When used on one wall or two adjacent walls in a smaller room, it can really make the room seem much bigger, and the gradation is very uplifting.”

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Pick The Right Lighting And Accessories

Picking the right type of lighting for a black wall is important, since it will absorb light. Track lighting can work well because you can angle the lights to hit the dark spots. Black walls create a great opportunity for using  big, bold light fixtures and makes them stand out very well. Opulent chandeliers and pendant lights are great choices. Using high-gloss paint rather than a flat or eggshell finish reflects light, multiplying it and adding sparkle to the room. From an accessories standpoint, go for pops of color against the black. The  neutrality of black creates a great backdrop for experimentation with a wide array of additional colors within the room.


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