Prince Roger Nelson Inspired Paintings

Prince Roger Nelson

Positive Mind….Positive Vibes….Positive Life! These are the words that describe Prince Roger Nelson’s overall outlook and why he was such a great influence on others besides his incredible, artistic talents!

The words of encouragement and motivation appear in his songs as well! He once wrote:

Positivity! Yes….
Have you had your plus sign to day?
Positivity! yes
Do we mark you present, or do we mark you late?

Wave your hands for positivity y’all!
All the boys and all the girls
You are the new kings of the world!
Shall the court sing together”

In every man’s life there will be a hang-up
A whirlwind designed to slow you down
It cuts like a knife and tries to get in you
This Spooky Electric sound
Give up if you want to and all is lost
Spooky Electric will be your boss”

His words were heard by all including many artists he inspired…. painters, graphic designers, sculpture makers, etc. Every single artist’s different approach on how they expressed their image of Prince is so incredible.

Each of these artworks make the viewers see different sides of Prince’s life yet all have the same intention….To bring back the memories of this legend!


Troy Gua

Troy Gua Prince Art 1Troy Gua Prince Art 2

Artist Troy Gua grew up with Ronald McDonald and Ronald Reagan, King Tut and the King of Pop. Media culture has shaped his life, and is the main component of his creative process. His work is reflective literally and metaphorically. It implies the reflection of our culture and his fascination with it.

He created a series of work called ‘Pop Hybrids’ creating artwork inspired by legendary faces.

He states:

“I imagine a future where the world is out of room. It’s a world where, in order to save space, even our thoughts, our memories, our nostalgia becomes distilled, consolidated, hybridized, and layered on top of itself. ‘Pop Hybrids’ are the reduction of personality into logo, the reduction of individuality into the collective, the reduction of photography into design. They are a subtraction of images: the recycling, re-using and reducing of two or more images into new iconography.”

If I was to compare Troy’s work to the repetition used in Andy Warhol’s art, his work suggests that we are running out of space even for our cultural icons to receive any attention and be remembered t in our crowded, collective conscience. In the past art was made to remember the gods, heroes, and myths of the day. Today, we regale celebrities, pop stars, actors and the characters they portray such as artists, musicians, politicians and world leaders.

The Process

The series began as meticulously hand-painted acrylic on canvas pieces, which were then sealed in a resin coating. They were meant to look as precise as manufactured products, and many assumed that they were.

He states:

“I found pride in that, but it also gave me a nudge to actually push the process in that direction. It made conceptual sense to incorporate streamlined production which, in turn, made the work more widely available as limited editions, each design in a low numbered run. Now actual hybrids, somewhere between man and machine made, the ‘Pop Hybrid’ series is now designed digitally, printed and mounted to panel, and finished with a glassy resin coating.”



Rockromatic Prince Art

Rockromatic consists of a handful of music enthusiasts, artists and photographers from the West Coast area, operations are based out of Las Vegas.

This piece titled ‘PURPLE RAIN’ was created with a mixed-medium process. Painted with many different stroke styles to reflect the feeling of the subject, and reproduced for printmaking.

Rock Chromatic uses a high-quality reproduction of the original work printed on KODAK luster photo paper or Canvas art print. The prints are standard sizes for framing and matting, and the canvas provide a great texture, secured with satin acrylic coating, lightweight and ready to hang on the wall and are created for long-lasting quality. Additional options are printing the image on a pillow, blanket, tote bag or shower curtain.


Justyna JBJart

Justyna Prince Art 1

Jystyna Prince Art 2

Justyna is an artist from Crocow, Poland. She is a freelance illustrator, graphic, photographer, poet from Poland. Her photography, drawings, paintings and artwork have found homes all over the US, Europe, Australia and Africa. As she says “Selling my art directly to wonderful people from all over the world is an extremely thrilling experience for me”.

Justyna’s work is very organic, soft, and provides a calming effect. She puts emphasis on the large image first and the small, fine details that bring life to the paintings, making the pieces more interesting to look at. She promotes her artwork on her own website as well as Fine Art America website!


Leah Saulnier

Lean Saulnier Prince Art

Leah Saulnier, born and raised in Midwest, has been a resident of Santa Fe, New Mexico since 1992. She is a Humorist/Surrealist oil painter and portraitist whose versatility knows no bounds. She is a Humorist/Surrealist oil painter and portraitist whose versatility knows no bounds. Her art has expressions of humor and elements of surprise. Look for the merge of the unusual with the rational, the role of machines in the role of people and the curious appearance of animals in unusual surroundings.

This oil painting, titled ‘Prince Edit 2’, is a narrative painting on Prince and his music. It is the latest of Leah’s “Thinking Cap” series. The painting has colors ranging from seal brown to sandy brown and incorporates ‘The Purple Rain’ themes.

Her work can be purchased in poster form as well as printed on pillows, totes, etc. She sells her work on her own website as well as on Fine Art America website.

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